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I wish I were a dog! This is how my boys spent New Year’s Eve. If we could all be so lucky.


Gus’s New Year’s Resolutions:

– I will never jump through the front window to chase a squirrel again

– I will try and keep my tongue off the kitchen counter

– I will try to keep my sock consumption to only one per week, and I will try to not vomit all over Mom’s bedroom floor after eating one

– I will not try and eat the pillows on the couch like they were big marshmallows

Ridley’s News Year’s Resolutions:

– I will try to stop barking incessantly

– I will stop eating my own poop

– I will stop waking Mom up first thing in the morning by taking a flying leap over the end of her bed and landing on her chest

– I will stop herding and nipping at people who visit our home

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Spending time with all of my family and friends this Christmas has reminded me of how much I’ve missed them in the last few years. I have great family and great friends and I can’t believe that I actually let someone talk me into believing that these people were less than wonderful…and were not worth being around. WTF? It’s crazy how easily we can become brainwashed into believing falsities when we are blinded by what we believe is love. But, on the other side of this is the question: why would someone that loves you point out all of the faults/imperfections of your family and friends to make them all seem substandard in your eyes? I think about this a great deal.

As I sat with my boisterous aunt on Christmas Eve and helped her polish off our 3rd bottle of wine, I reflected on all those times that my no-longer-significant other pointed out how rude and obnoxious she was. But, wait – wasn’t he the rude and obnoxious one for pointing out my aunt’s faults in the first place? I think so. Sure she’s loud, sure she can be obnoxious…but, shit, I think we ALL have that tendency at times. I love my family and friends, faults and all…isn’t that really what it’s all about? Nobody is perfect and most of us know we’re not. I feel bad for people who are raised to believe that they are superior to everyone else. They are just being set up for a lifetime of disappointment. It’s sad that some people are so intolerant and judgmental and its even more sad that someone like me (pretty much tolerant of any kind of behavior) would turn from my family and friends because I was swayed by someone like him.

Luckily for me they are my family and my friends and they would stand behind me no matter what. So, as I slowly gather them back into my circle I tell them all how sorry I am for what I’ve become, for how I’ve ignored them and shut them out of my life. They understand and they respond, “We are just glad to have you back.”

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I LOVE this boy. Just look at him…who needs men…really?! Even if he DID run out the door at my parents’ on Christmas Day, head straight for the pond in their backyard and…SPLASH! dive right in. Even if he DID proceed to swim across the freezing, mucky thing and ignore my plea to come back. Bad boy. Oh, but I love bad boys!

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Well, I didn’t get any of the things from my drunken wish list that I posted last night, go figure. But woooo….Santa got my child a PS2. Sorry folks, I think I may just be too busy honing my vocal prowess on SingStar for the next few days to post anything. Maybe The Leaky Brain will even let me sing a duet with her next Christmas.

Damn, just one more thing to keep my ass plastered to the couch. Better run out and buy Dance Dance Revolution tomorrow so we can work off some of this idleness. Hmmm, I wonder which of us will enjoy this gift more???

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Wish List

Merry Frickin’ Christmas dear readers!

It’s late, I’ve been dipping into the holiday cheer a bit too much this eve and I’m feeling a bit needy and greedy so I decided to write my wish list. Do you suppose it’s too late to send Santa a wish list? Hope not, because here’s mine:

Dear Santa,

This is what I would like for Christmas, in no particular order. I’ve been as specific as possible, so please try to get it right. Thanks a bunch.

1. Him


He’s in England so could you just grab him & throw him in your sleigh on your way to the US?


This lovely palatial bungalow, preferably somewhere far, far away from civilization, somewhere warm, by a large body of water.

3. This



Vacation in Italy, all inclusive, please.


Must be silver. I don’t wash my vehicle often enough to have any other color.

That’s it, pretty simple, huh? Great. Until next year….

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