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The cancer center called today to confirm my MRI. The woman on the other end of the phone just wanted to ask me a few questions. Sometimes (just sometimes, is that too much to ask?) I wish everyone had the same sense of humor as me.

Here, my friends, is how the conversation went:

CC: “Do you have any kidney problems?”

Me: “Um, no, not at the present time. Unless you consider the time I ran home from the bar in the cold…then there was a problem. Oh, but I guess that would have been a bladder problem, uh…never mind.”

CC: Slight pause…“Good. Are you claustrophobic?”

Me: “No, I have no problem going into those tanning booths and closing the coffin-like lid.”

CC: “Ah…okay, you probably don’t want to tell us that since we’re a cancer center and we don’t recommend using tanning booths.”

Me: “Oops…sorry. I haven’t been tanning in a while, but, no worries, I’m not claustrophobic.”

CC: “Alright then, we’ll see you on Monday.”

Dammit, I couldn’t even get a little snicker out of her. I must be losing my touch. Thank God, my oncologist has a better sense of humor.


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