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Before dinner each night my daughter and I put on some music and proceed to sing and dance in the living room like crazy teenagers. Last night my child got angry with me over my choice of music for the evening. She, of course, wanted to hear Miley Cyrus (for the gazillionth evening in a row). I decided that we were going to listen to the Barenaked Ladies. She moaned and groaned and sat on the couch throwing out snarky comments such as, “I can’t even understand the words, how am I supposed to dance to this?”, “Umm, this music doesn’t make any sense”. I explained that she gets to choose the music night after night and it would be nice if we could listen to something different for a change. She wasn’t having it and stormed up to her room.

She came down for dinner and we didn’t speak of her little tirade the rest of the evening…and I, actually, never gave it another thought. That is, until this morning when I awoke, walked past her bedroom to find this written on the dry erase board that hangs on her door:


I snickered to myself (knowing full well it was directed at me) but didn’t make any mention of it to her – as this would only fuel her fire and she’d get exactly what she wanted – a rise out of me.

I then proceed to ready myself for the day and as I’m in the bathroom grabbing a tampon (sorry guys, the following may be a bit too graphic for you) I reach into the box to find this:


Oh goody, an egg! At this point I know exactly what I’m in for so, giggling, I open it to find this:


Mmmmm…fire balls (my favorite) plus this lovely hand written note. I was laughing so hard I was in tears. Then I thought to myself, “Should I be laughing or should I be heading straight for her with my ‘you’re in big trouble’ look?” I hear her coming up the stairs toward the bathroom so I quickly put everything back as if I’d not found it yet. She coyly peeks in the bathroom to see her handiwork undisturbed. So, now my job is to try and outwit the little shyster – to come up with the best punishment to fit the crime. Hmmm…I wonder how she feels about sucking an egg?

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