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We’ve had a busy week here in the hood; friends visiting from Florida, girls night out, circus came to town, hanging out at the beach, got a new purse. And here are some pictures to prove it:

First, some pics of the girls night out, well…of the drinks and the scenery seeing as no one would give me permission to show their face.

My beer with sister in the background taking photo…

The view of the lake from the deck we were sitting on:

Kate feeding the zebra some beer. We almost got kicked out for molesting that zebra. It was too irresistible to ignore. And we didn’t see any signs indicating that we weren’t to feed or touch said zebra. Who the hell puts a blow up zebra at a bar and expects it NOT to be played with?

And then the circus came to town! Yes, a real, live circus. I have, honestly, never been to a circus in a real circus tent, so this was a first for me. I was a bit Ieary about being in a tent with tigers and elephants and was quite sure one of the elephants would stampede but there were no mishaps. The kids had a blast and E even got to ride a camel.

Entering the big top:

E in front of one of the concession stands (gee mom, make me look into the sun, why don’tcha?)

An el ee fant

E & E riding the camel

Camel face

I was bummed, though, there wasn’t a funnel cake in sight. WTF?

One evening we took the kids to the beach, started a fire, made some s’mores, and had some beer (the adults only, of course, because what goes better with s’mores than beer? Gag).

Kate’s foot, my foot

They made me sit on the log with the protrusion. Yeeeeouch!

And because we’re all conscious about safety…

We paid close attention to the directive on the blanket.

The girls playing with glow sticks in the dark

Oh yes, and I mustn’t forget – I got a new purse; pink, of course

Whew. It was a very busy week. I’m tired. I’m going to go take a nap.

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