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Picture This!

Here’s a fun little photo meme I swiped a while back from Pammy Girl and Nandandgo. Sorry ladies, I’m a thief, it’s true.

It’s pretty straightforward. You are to go around your house with the following list and take pictures AS IS (no cleaning aloud ’cause that’s called CHEATING). Luckily, I had recently (recent, as in this summer) cleaned and I wasn’t required to take a photo of the dining room – because the dining room table is the catch-all and is COMPLETELY covered with junk. Sometimes I forget I even have a dining room table since I can’t see it.

I’m pretty sure you were just supposed to post one pic per room but, oh well, I took a bunch of photos ’cause I like to show ‘n tell.

Living Room

My living room is HUGE so I had to take three pictures for you to get the ‘full effect’. Unfortunately, the dog crates take up almost half of the freakin’ room.

Laundry Room

Pretty basic. Washer. Dryer. Shelves.

Kitchen sink


You really want to see my entire kitchen, don’t you???

This is my favorite part of my kitchen…my espresso machine. Oooooo, ahhhhh…


Arrgggghhhh. Just looking at it makes me hyper ventilate. This is the ONLY real closet in the house. My house was built in 1910…apparently, before the invention of closets. None of the bedrooms had closets so we built little closet-like cubbies in the corners for extra storage.

This is the cubbie in my bedroom; it holds all the bed linens (the top shelf is completely crammed full of pillow cases – I have a habit of collecting them):


My bathroom is teeny tiny…the toilet is hiding around the left corner. I could only back up so far – it was hard for me to get an entire shot of the ‘twoilet’. Heck, you’ve see one toilet, you’ve seen ’em all. *Notice the lovely blue wallpaper that I hung myself. Love, love, love it…even though it was a shitty, cheap paper and I ended up hanging it not once, not twice, but three times (the third time using super glue). Nothing like spending an evening hanging wallpaper, walking into that room the next morning and seeing all the paper curling off the walls. Grrrrr.


Yeah, I know. Crammed full of stuff. Remember…I’m keeping EVERYTHING from my cupboards in the fridge to keep all those nasty moths away.


This is just a sampling. These are the shoes I throw into one of the many cubbies. Many of these shoes don’t even see the light of day. I wear them once or twice and throw them back into the pile.

And here are the shoes that I wear the most. They get a prestigious spot on the porch floor. Lucky shoes.

The Kids

Human kid

Canine Kids

Feline Kid

Self Portrait

This is me, first thing in the morning. Bwhahahaha! NOT. Don’t be silly, first thing in the morning I need a coffee IV. This is me at the end of an exhausting day. Beer was definitely needed.

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I used to write poetry – all the time, as a matter of fact – in college. When my creative mind had no boundaries. I have journals full of poetry, loads of scrap paper filled with words and thoughts and creativity. I stopped writing (creatively) just as I was finishing school and haven’t done so since.

When I had to unexpectedly move home with my parents for six months after graduating from college, I pulled out all of my writing in hopes that it would inspire me. It sat there in my room for months, but no inspiration came. Then, one day I came home and found my Mom had read – everything. She was sitting in the living room with one of my journals. And she said, tearily, “You have to do something with this. It’s simply wonderful.” I never did. I packed it all up. I never gave it another thought.

I’ve been thinking about getting those journals and scraps of paper out lately. I need some inspiration but I’m worried that none will come. What I really need is for someone to light a fire under my ass to get me moving. Until that inspiration kicks in I will leave you with one of my favorites from the archives (hopefully there will be more to come):

He moves
in fluid precision
against the rigid boundaries
of his realm
Barefoot existence
in a world of silver linkage
and alien filament
Endless spheres
of lost dreams
A sea of reconstruction
waiting to take rightful possession.


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Feisty Friday

With a little help from my friend, this Feisty Friday comes to you courtesy of the deviously talented Evyl. Many thanks, Evyl, for coming up with such a fantastically feisty caption – and for allowing my dirty mind to have a much needed rest this week. I knew I could count on you. Stop by Evyl’s place and be sure to thank him for doing such a feisty job.

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Girl child was fooling around with the calculator… writing things upside down like ‘hello’ and ‘shelloil’; just one of the many ridiculous, useless things you learn when you’re younger. I stepped away for two seconds and heard her giggling. As I returned to see what was so amusing she looked at me with an evil grin and said, “This is where we live”…and proceeded to show me this:

Gah! She’s getting more and more like her momma every day.

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My laptop is on the fritz…well, not the computer itself, but the ac adapter. The laptop was plugged into the kitchen outlet and as my child and I began to enter the kitchen we hear a “pop, crackle, crackle”, and then see smoke coming from the adapter. I yank the plug out of the wall as quickly as I can, hoping that I won’t get zapped.  As I pull the plug all I hear is a ‘POP’ and am spared the arm-jolting joy of an electrical shock. And then the smell…ugh…the smell of melting plastic, and electrical smoke. We both look at each other in horror. Thankfully, the laptop was plugged into the GFI outlet which I believe prevented anything from happening to the computer and probably spared me from getting electrocuted. Since the laptop is only seven months old I immediately call HP customer service. And here is a snippet of the conversation I had with the lovely man at technical support:

TS: “Thank you for calling HP technical support, my name is Saieed, how can I help you today?”

Me: “I seem to have a bit of a problem with the ac adapter for my HP notebook.”

TS: “What exactly is the problem, ma’am?”

Me: “It was plugged in just a few minutes ago and I heard a pop and crackle, and then saw smoke coming from the adapter.”

TS: “Has this ever happened before, ma’am?”

Me: “No, no it hasn’t” (thinking to myself – um, yeah, if it had wouldn’t I have called?)

TS: “Okay, ma’am, we are going to run through a few steps to determine the problem. What I would like you to do now is plug the computer into an outlet.”

Me: “I’m pretty sure I do not want to plug in the computer. I really don’t want to get electrocuted.”

TS: “Oh, do not worry, I assure you that will not happen.”

slight pause…

TS: “Ma’am…no, no, no…please do not plug in the computer. DO NOT PLUG IN THE COMPUTER.

Me: (thinking to myself: “Uh…yeah, ya think? Frickin’ brainchild.”)

Sheesh, for a minute there I thought maybe he’d ask me to lick the prongs on the plug and THEN stick it back into the outlet. Dork.

And that was not the end of my experience with HP customer service. It seems that Saieed ordered the replacement adaptor for me…but he somehow forgot to order the power cord that goes with the adapter – you know, the cord that is NECESSARY to plug the thing into the outlet? I spent another hour and a half, retelling the adapter mishap story to no less than five other customer service individuals. Not one of them could understand what I was trying to tell them so they, in turn, just transferred me to another, more clueless individual. In the end, I was finally transferred to someone in the parts department who understood that I was NOT going to use my old power cord (that possibly had a short) and she immediately put in an order for a new one. Thank you for calling customer service. So sorry that you had to spend half of your day trying to explain your computer issue to nimrods.

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