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I must apologize for not visiting all my favorite bloggers like I used to – faithfully.  I really do hope to get back into the blogosphere soon but that may not be until fall, I’m afraid. You see, I am swamped. Swamped with dog biscuit making, scone making, crafting, painting, yard sale-ing and, of course, work. The first Farmer’s Market of the season is in three days. Count ’em…3! And I’m busting my butt bagging up some yummy Bow WOW Biscuits and assorted scones for opening day…all the while attempting to figure out how to set up my market tent so I don’t have to arrive at 6 am that morning and struggle with it.


The dog biscuits are a big hit with the boys. I already knew that – as I’ve made them in the past and the boys would gobble them up. But…I used to make them at my restaurant where I was uninterrupted. Now, I must make them in my kitchen with two dogs constantly under foot waiting for hand outs.


The dog biscuit making process tuckers Gus out and he eventually ends up sleeping at my feet.

The crafting is in full swing now. Every corner of my house is full of crafty goodness…pillows, bookmarks, hairbands, clothing, purses, collages, you name it.


Kitchen counter now full of crafts...

It's all about the 'love'

It's all about the 'love'

The paints have found a new home

The paints have found a new home

I’ve started painting furniture, to boot. Where the hell I’ll be storing all of it is beyond me.

Cutesy little rocker that will soon be all dolled up for the craft fair

Cutesy little rocker that will soon be all dolled up for the craft fair

Now that I’m in full furniture-scoping mode I’ve been scouring the yard sales and flea markets.

I found this little gem for myself…


It will look perfect in my newly painted dining room. Yep, I’ve painted the dining room for the third time this year. Oy. I just can’t seem to decide on a color. I think this last color – buttery yellow – is a keeper. I love yellow with red accents so I painted myself a little sign for the new dining room…


Don't ask. My favorite number is 5 and I needed something to write on the sign...it was either this or "For Sale"!

And, of course, along with the new paint color had to come new drapes and shades. Like I need to spend my time fiddling around with this stuff? Oh, but I do. So, I made new curtains and bought new bamboo shades.


We DID have time to enjoy the first strawberry shortcake of the season – complete with homemade whipped cream. YUM!


Here are a few more pics…just some crafty shots








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Warning: post full of craftiness just ahead!

I spent the weekend selling my crafty wares at a local event. I’ve previously posted pics of most of the items I was selling – magnets, coasters, scarves, bags, so I won’t bore you too much with that stuff. I did spend most of last week crafting these nifty stockings that I included in the show:


Pink with vintage buttons


Button detail


Purple with hand-crocheted snowflakes


Snowflake detail


Cranberry with Angora snowflake


Angora Snowflake detail

I made similar stockings for E and myself several years ago and I’ve had so many compliments on them I thought “Aha! I’ll make some to sell”. I did sell the purple stocking with snowflakes and the cranberry stocking with the angora snowflake (awww…that one was my favorite and I would have kept it if it didn’t sell).

I also managed to whip out another felted bag last week:


This bag was the first item to sell. Woo hoo!

And a million gazillion crocheted snowflakes:


Some pics of the setup…


I only had a small table…but it was plenty for my little setup.


I also sold my famous Apricot White Chocolate Walnut Scones that I used to make at my restaurant. I spent most of Friday baking about 90 of them. Those babies flew out the door. Word spread quickly that I was selling them and all my favorite past customers came to see me!





Coasters, coasters and more coasters...

Tomorrow I’m taking my coasters, magnets and pincushions to the local art gallery for their “Christmas Gift Sale” that will be held for the next few weeks. I’m exhausted and must go to sleep so I can get up tomorrow and start another week of craftiness.

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