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Spring, glorious Spring! It’s finally here and I have spent the last few days outside. I even got all the patio furniture out and had coffee on the deck this morning…it was 75 degrees at 7:30 a.m. Unheard of around here. I can’t remember ever getting to sit on the deck this early in the year. Woo hoo! I love it. I love the blue skies…


and the flowers. Ahhhhh!

Even the moss looks lush after all the winter drab…


E wanted to know why I was on my knees taking a picture at the base of the tree. I said, “E, look at all this GREEN!”

The dogs are loving the sunshine.



Now, if I could just get Ridley to stop barking at the new neighbor’s dog and cat. He spends hours just sitting and waiting for a peek at them.

The fresh air makes everyone tired.




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I always buy whole grain bread. The other day while shopping, E wanted me to buy white bread. Her argument, “It’s more convenient. When you’re in a hurry to eat you can just mush it up into a ball and pop it in your mouth.”

Great. So healthy.

Sheesh…kids these days.

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This is the view I woke up to this morning


No need for words…

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Hi! I’m Bob. I was created by my friend, Elizabeth. I love ice cream, ice cubes, and icy cold milk. But, its very hard for me to eat my favorite things – did you notice, I don’t have any arms or hands!!

I’m looking forward to meeting Santa if the weather cooperates and I stay frozen. Life is hard for us snow-folk. You know those nasty teenagers like to kick us in the head and destroy us.

Age 9

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There is nothing like spending loads of money on trying new products and having shelves of stuff you don’t care for, so…I thought I’d help you along by listing my Top Ten Natural/Organic Hair & Skin Care Products. These are just a sample of some of my absolute favorite products – tried and true – that I could not live without:

1. Avalon Organics, coQ10 Wrinkle Defense Creme. Love this moisturizer and use it every night. Very creamy, not greasy. I saw a marked improvement around the eye area in just a couple of months.


2. Jason Natural Cosmetics Apricot Scrubble Facial Wash & Scrub. Oh yes, just scrub that dirt and grime away. This super thick and gritty facial scrub is the best! Your skin feels super clean and refreshed after use.


3. Alba Hawaiian Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion. This is one of the first organic products that I tried and I can’t say enough about it! It has a very light, pleasant fragrance, and is non-greasy. I use it on my face every single day and it keeps my skin moisturized and looking healthy.


4. Alba Hawaiian Lip Balm (Coconut Creme or Pineapple Quench- Yum!) Smells so good you could take a bite out of it.


5. Dr. Bronner’s 18 in 1 Pure Castile Soap. Perfect for traveling – forget the bulky soaps & shampoos – this can be used as both! Try Hemp-Peppermint for an all over tingle or Lavender for a refreshing calm.


6. Free Range Chicken Poop Lip Balm. Sounds disgusting but is oh so lip-lickin’ good with ingredients like sweet orange and lavender.


7. Shikai Color Reflect Shampoo. Perfect for use on color treated hair. Won’t strip the color like the harsher sodium laureth sulfate shampoos.

8. Alba Clear Enzyme Deodorant – Tea Tree. Won’t prevent perspiration but it has a very clean and pleasant scent – and is aluminum and paraben free.


9. Avalon Organics Therapeutic Shampoo/Conditioner Nourishing Lavender. Clean, smooth scent. Super gentle with no sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates or parabens.


10. Aveda Rosemary Mint Conditioner. Love the scent of this refreshing conditioner. It is a great “everyday” conditioner, rinses clean and leaves your hair very soft and manageable.


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