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Oh my, it’s been almost two years to the date since I last posted. Sorry for such a long hiatus. With the prompting of many (ok, really, just a few) I’ve decided to give this here blog another whirl. I can’t promise I’ll stick to it, but I will try, darn it. I will try.

Let’s see, since I left my dear old blog sitting and rotting not much has changed in my life.

We adopted a new kitteh…Waffle. I was NOT at all for this new addition but my, then, 11 yr. old child talked me into it by saying, “He’s cheaper than a Wii or Xbox”. Ha. If only I had known how much $ this little boy would cost me with his food allergies and habit of eating string & clothing! He is a cutie pie, though so I guess we’ll keep him.

I now have a 13 yr. old with blue hair…

Oops. Wrong picture.

Here we go….

I gained a ton of weight from boozing it up…

And baking and eating yummy crap non-stop….

Haha. I really DIDN’T become a boozer…I just had to use that photo somewhere on here! I did, however, gain a ton of weight because of my obsession with making homemade rice pudding, cherry cobbler and mac & cheese. Someone had to eat it!

I lost a ton of weight because I stopped baking and started eating only fruits & veggies and lean protein. This is a true story. Yay, me!

I became a photographer (I think I’ve always been a photographer, it’s just that now I get paid to do it so it seems more real!)…

Check me out, please: sharongollnitzphotography.com

Oh, and I started making a line of lip balm and all natural body products…

I bought a new (used) vehicle with all the gobs of money I’m making. Um, yeah. If that were true it wouldn’t be a 2005 Santa Fe.

And that, my friends, is all I’ve done in the past 2 years. Sorry to disappoint.

Let’s hope something exciting happens in the next few days so I have something to write about!


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Coffee Lover

the boy…he loves coffee…he’s a sly one…


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Does anyone have a phone book I could borrow?


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Feisty Friday


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Feisty Friday

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This week we had the pleasure of hosting Douglas the Dragon who is visiting from Allison’s in Texas. I must say, I was a bit leery about having a real, fire breathing dragon in the house but Douglas was a wonderful guest…once he got the fire breathing bit out of his system.

He was immediately fixated with my new stove. And while the repair man was here trying to get the one burners to ignite, Douglas offered to give him a hand…


If only I had known Douglas would get that burner going I wouldn’t have called the repair man!

Once he started breathing fire he got a hankering to start a major conflagration. I told him that wouldn’t be such a good idea but that we would go practice on some old, abandoned buildings so he could get it out of his system.


As we were walking through the park he shrieked, “Holy heck, that looks like a castle! I want to burn it down!” It was actually a church and I explained that he’d surely burn in Hell if he ignited it. He insisted that I, at least, get a picture of him ‘pretend’ fire breathing so he could show it to all his dragon friends…who’d think he was exceptionally cool for igniting a castle.


Unbeknownst to me, my daughter snuck Douglas to school one day. She had a devious plan to use him to destroy the school.


Luckily, I pulled up just in time. She is now grounded. I decided to take Douglas to the Acupuncturist for a treatment. I thought he’d better get calmed down before his short journey to Trisha’s. He was a bit worried about having needles stuck into him but I assured him he wouldn’t feel a thing.


He said he really enjoyed it. He was so relaxed after his treatment I felt bad shoving him into his box and shipping him off. Have a good time with Douglas, Trisha! Don’t burn the town down!

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I always buy whole grain bread. The other day while shopping, E wanted me to buy white bread. Her argument, “It’s more convenient. When you’re in a hurry to eat you can just mush it up into a ball and pop it in your mouth.”

Great. So healthy.

Sheesh…kids these days.

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