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Oh my, it’s been almost two years to the date since I last posted. Sorry for such a long hiatus. With the prompting of many (ok, really, just a few) I’ve decided to give this here blog another whirl. I can’t promise I’ll stick to it, but I will try, darn it. I will try.

Let’s see, since I left my dear old blog sitting and rotting not much has changed in my life.

We adopted a new kitteh…Waffle. I was NOT at all for this new addition but my, then, 11 yr. old child talked me into it by saying, “He’s cheaper than a Wii or Xbox”. Ha. If only I had known how much $ this little boy would cost me with his food allergies and habit of eating string & clothing! He is a cutie pie, though so I guess we’ll keep him.

I now have a 13 yr. old with blue hair…

Oops. Wrong picture.

Here we go….

I gained a ton of weight from boozing it up…

And baking and eating yummy crap non-stop….

Haha. I really DIDN’T become a boozer…I just had to use that photo somewhere on here! I did, however, gain a ton of weight because of my obsession with making homemade rice pudding, cherry cobbler and mac & cheese. Someone had to eat it!

I lost a ton of weight because I stopped baking and started eating only fruits & veggies and lean protein. This is a true story. Yay, me!

I became a photographer (I think I’ve always been a photographer, it’s just that now I get paid to do it so it seems more real!)…

Check me out, please: sharongollnitzphotography.com

Oh, and I started making a line of lip balm and all natural body products…

I bought a new (used) vehicle with all the gobs of money I’m making. Um, yeah. If that were true it wouldn’t be a 2005 Santa Fe.

And that, my friends, is all I’ve done in the past 2 years. Sorry to disappoint.

Let’s hope something exciting happens in the next few days so I have something to write about!

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Now, before you run away gagging…let me just say that possum (or opossum to some of you) stew is one of the finer things in life. NOT! Ha. Gotcha! I can’t say that I’ve actually ever had possum stew, nor would I ever choose to do so. But here’s a good story and I had to lead up to it somehow…

The other evening whilst sitting on the couch I noticed a faint scratching noise that sounded like it was coming from the front windows in my living room. As I turned the volume down on the tv, sure enough, it WAS a scratching sound coming from underneath the windows. I looked outside but couldn’t see anything rustling in the bushes. I knocked on the window. Still nothing. So, because I am a big chicken and thought that it surely must be rat in my cellar (even though I have NEVER had a rat in my cellar), I went to bed without looking in the basement.

The next afternoon I heard the scratching again and because it was daylight, and knew the boogie monster wouldn’t get me if I went into the cellar at this time of day, I headed down with a flashlight. I went straight to where I had heard the noise the night before. You see, I have a set of basement windows right underneath the living room windows. These windows are ancient, dirty as hell and double paned. Not the double-paned as in the modern, two pieces of glass that are millimeters apart and make up one window –  but two separate windows that have approximately 3-1/2″ of space between them.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear? Something gray…and hairy…and breathing! Gah! I almost ran away screaming but my curiosity got the best of me. I approached slowly with the flashlight and as I got closer I realized it was a baby possum. Phew! I could barely see in the widows as they are covered in dirt. Very clever how they installed them so there is absolutely NO way to clean them. Anyway, as I inspected further I could see that next to the little possum was what used to be his/her sibling. Splayed out. Dead. With flies crawling all over it.

I ran back upstairs fretting about what to do. My child got wind of my anxiousness and asked what was wrong. I had to tell her. And then she started crying, insisting that we had to “SAVE” him “NOW”. Great.

I grabbed a hammer and headed outside to see if I could somehow break the window open without killing the poor thing. No luck. That glass would not budge. I couldn’t really take a good whack at it as I was afraid the hammer would end up in the possum’s skull. So, I called my Dad and he came to the rescue with his expert glass-breaking technique. We coaxed the little fella out with cat food. It leaned out of the window just enough to gobble up the food. I’m sure it wouldn’t move any further because we were all standing around gawking at it. My child, of course, thought it was cute and wanted to keep it. It started to show its teeth when we moved closer. My first inclination was to whack it with something. Nice. I just save the poor, starving animal and now I want to kill it.


I have no idea how long it had been inbetween the windows. Long enough for two of his siblings to die. Yes, two! After he climbed out we saw that there was another dead baby – he had been sitting on it. Ick. So, now I have a broken basement window full of dead stank. I wonder how long it will take for the bodies to disintegrate, because I sure as hell am not going to touch that stuff! Can I interest anyone in some possum carcass for stew??

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It’s been a while (hasn’t it?) since I partook in a meme so here’s a fun one that I got ages ago from the lovely and talented JavaQueen:

The rules:

You leave a comment on this post requesting a letter and I’ll assign you one. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

Here we go, in no specific order:

1. Beer.


2. Bailey – my wonderful, deceased dog.


3. Bacon…’cause come on, who DOESN’T love bacon?


4. Bull’s Eyes. (Not the actual eyes of a bull but those yummy caramel cream confections that I eat by the bagful)


5. Beaches (not the movie, silly…a hot, sandy beach!)

6. Blogging.

7. British accents. Or a man with ANY accent, for that matter.


8. Amy Butler fabric (ok, that was a bit of a cheat…but her last name begins with B!).


9. Boys (um, men really, ’cause I’m no cradle robber).

10. Boots (especially my Ugg-like warm, cozy winter boots).

There you have it. If you want to play along just leave a comment and ask for a letter.

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I love this…just had to share it…

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The lovely Posey Pony is visiting us from Minnesota this week. Nikki’s Posey is such a lovely girl. She loves to do girly things, so after having Super Pickle here (who was super bored with us girls) we were happy to host a girly, girl. Unfortunately, we didn’t have anything exiting planned for the weekend. We spent alot of time riding around in the car. It was sunny all weekend, but not terribly warm so we really couldn’t get out and trot around. Posey said, “It looks awfully scrubby around here”. I had to explain to her that about 3 feet of snow had just melted and everything was grey and muddy. I told her she’d have to come back in the spring when everything was lush and green.


We headed down town and  stopped at my former restaurant for coffee on Saturday morning. (there’s my big red espresso machine in the background…oh, how I miss that machine!)


Posey had the Hot Vanilla with lots of whipped cream. She even licked the cup clean!

She got passed around the table and had a little visit with everyone. My sister got to talking about her upcoming vacation to NC and I think Posey was trying to talk her into stowing her away so she could go to. I explained that she had a schedule to keep and that JavaJunkee was expecting her. She wasn’t happy that I foiled her plans because she really wanted to head somewhere warmer.


Next stop, Lake Erie. The ice was starting to break up a bit and Posey was so exited she leaped out of the car and galloped right for one of the pieces of ice. I told her to be careful because you never know when the ice will become unstable. She said, “What do you know about stable?” Sassy little pony! She thought the ice would make for a great photo op so she hopped from ice block to ice block…


She then shouted, “I bet I can float away on this piece of ice like they do in Rudolph!” I said, “Hold on just a minute, Yukon, you’d better not try that stunt. This isn’t Hollywood.”


She didn’t listen and before I knew it she was off onto another chunk of ice. She was so fast I could barely keep up with her. She wanted to stay and play but we humans were getting cold and it was time to go.


We got a bit dirty at the lake so we came home, got cleaned up and then Posey decided she’d like to play with some of my daughter’s pet shop critters. They set up a dance floor and away they went…

And then Ridley heard all the ruckus and had to stick his nose in and disrupt the dance party. Posey seemed to have fun with us these past few days – even though we didn’t make it to a real dance floor. I didn’t even have to hide my wine – she was so busy she didn’t even think about drinking! She’s on her way to JavaJunkee’s now…get out your disco clothes and 70’s makup, JJ. She digs that era!

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