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Oh my, it’s been almost two years to the date since I last posted. Sorry for such a long hiatus. With the prompting of many (ok, really, just a few) I’ve decided to give this here blog another whirl. I can’t promise I’ll stick to it, but I will try, darn it. I will try.

Let’s see, since I left my dear old blog sitting and rotting not much has changed in my life.

We adopted a new kitteh…Waffle. I was NOT at all for this new addition but my, then, 11 yr. old child talked me into it by saying, “He’s cheaper than a Wii or Xbox”. Ha. If only I had known how much $ this little boy would cost me with his food allergies and habit of eating string & clothing! He is a cutie pie, though so I guess we’ll keep him.

I now have a 13 yr. old with blue hair…

Oops. Wrong picture.

Here we go….

I gained a ton of weight from boozing it up…

And baking and eating yummy crap non-stop….

Haha. I really DIDN’T become a boozer…I just had to use that photo somewhere on here! I did, however, gain a ton of weight because of my obsession with making homemade rice pudding, cherry cobbler and mac & cheese. Someone had to eat it!

I lost a ton of weight because I stopped baking and started eating only fruits & veggies and lean protein. This is a true story. Yay, me!

I became a photographer (I think I’ve always been a photographer, it’s just that now I get paid to do it so it seems more real!)…

Check me out, please: sharongollnitzphotography.com

Oh, and I started making a line of lip balm and all natural body products…

I bought a new (used) vehicle with all the gobs of money I’m making. Um, yeah. If that were true it wouldn’t be a 2005 Santa Fe.

And that, my friends, is all I’ve done in the past 2 years. Sorry to disappoint.

Let’s hope something exciting happens in the next few days so I have something to write about!

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I used to write poetry – all the time, as a matter of fact – in college. When my creative mind had no boundaries. I have journals full of poetry, loads of scrap paper filled with words and thoughts and creativity. I stopped writing (creatively) just as I was finishing school and haven’t done so since.

When I had to unexpectedly move home with my parents for six months after graduating from college, I pulled out all of my writing in hopes that it would inspire me. It sat there in my room for months, but no inspiration came. Then, one day I came home and found my Mom had read – everything. She was sitting in the living room with one of my journals. And she said, tearily, “You have to do something with this. It’s simply wonderful.” I never did. I packed it all up. I never gave it another thought.

I’ve been thinking about getting those journals and scraps of paper out lately. I need some inspiration but I’m worried that none will come. What I really need is for someone to light a fire under my ass to get me moving. Until that inspiration kicks in I will leave you with one of my favorites from the archives (hopefully there will be more to come):

He moves
in fluid precision
against the rigid boundaries
of his realm
Barefoot existence
in a world of silver linkage
and alien filament
Endless spheres
of lost dreams
A sea of reconstruction
waiting to take rightful possession.


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It’s my blogoversary. Woo hoo! I can’t believe my baby is one year old today. Funny how so many things can change in a year. I started this blog as a way to share my daughter’s/dog’s antics with everyone. They just produce so much laughter and enjoyment I felt selfish not letting everyone join in on the fun. My very first post was about my fear of turning into a crazy dog lady. Followed by one of my favorite posts about what, on a daily basis, comes out of my daughter’s mouth.

And then, a mere month into my family oriented blog things started to turn sour. A bad breakup with my significant other resulted in an unfortunate whine/rant/bitchfest for approximately three months. It all started with this post, and evolved into this sad tale.

While still feeling sad and bitter I posted this which was the precursor to my Feisty Fridays. I still had some humor left in me and began posting more of my daughter’s snarky remarks. Then came the first, ever, Feisty Friday.

The new year saw me coming out of the dark pit of despair and I started dabbling in MS Paint for added entertainment. I also managed to eek out some fun interviews with the girl child, included more of the child’s crazy antics and found no more need for the nasty bitchfest posts.

Things were looking up again and I was getting my zany self back. I began focusing more on everything around me…and not so much the things inside me. I wanted to have fun so I, like many other bloggers, delved into the craziness of the search engine. And now, as 2LD turns one, it seems I’ve come full circle as I look to my post a few days ago about puppers.

Some of you have been along for the entire ride, and I want you to know how much I truly appreciate all of your support, your comments, your humor…you helped me get through an amazingly difficult time and I often think back and wonder if I ever would have come out of my funk so quickly if it hadn’t been for this blog and the outpouring of support and uplifting words. For those of you who are new here…thank you for joining me. You, too, make every day a pleasure with your comments, your input and your friendships. Here’s to another great year…and many, many more!

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…than a basket of puppies? Absolutely NOTHING!

Five of the fluffiest, cutest, whiniest little creatures I’ve ever seen. Ohhh, puppers, puppers, puppers (that’s what I lovingly call them). I couldn’t keep my hands off of them. This is definitely my weakness. Puppies. Must.Acquire.More.Puppies.

My friend breeds Shelties and this is her latest litter. All are spoken for except for two girls. She just HAD to bring them to show me…and now I want one. Wouldn’t you?

Just look at those faces. Oh, my. I just wanted to bring them all home.

And this guy, what a ham! He’s the biggest of the pups…a strapping 5 lbs, and he’s only 7 weeks old (his mom only weighs 19 lbs.). He wouldn’t sit still so I HAD to hold him, and kiss him, and love him…and when he was bad I stroked his fur the wrong way.

That was my puppy fix for the week. I hope it gets me by. Oh boy. Like I need ONE more animal in my house. Oy. Must go find something to do so I don’t think of puppies…

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You wake up in the morning with a 95 lb. dog sleeping next to you and your daughter is standing at the end of the bed laughing, saying, “He looks like he could be your husband!”

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