It’s been a while (hasn’t it?) since I partook in a meme so here’s a fun one that I got ages ago from the lovely and talented JavaQueen:

The rules:

You leave a comment on this post requesting a letter and I’ll assign you one. You write about ten things you love that begin with your assigned letter, and post it at your place. When people comment on your list, you give them a letter, and the chain continues on and on.

Here we go, in no specific order:

1. Beer.


2. Bailey – my wonderful, deceased dog.


3. Bacon…’cause come on, who DOESN’T love bacon?


4. Bull’s Eyes. (Not the actual eyes of a bull but those yummy caramel cream confections that I eat by the bagful)


5. Beaches (not the movie, silly…a hot, sandy beach!)

6. Blogging.

7. British accents. Or a man with ANY accent, for that matter.


8. Amy Butler fabric (ok, that was a bit of a cheat…but her last name begins with B!).


9. Boys (um, men really, ’cause I’m no cradle robber).

10. Boots (especially my Ugg-like warm, cozy winter boots).

There you have it. If you want to play along just leave a comment and ask for a letter.


E was in her room quietly crafting last night. She excitedly ran down the stairs to model her newest creation:



She said, “Since I don’t have a real Twilight t-shirt I decided to make my own. Do you like it?”

“I love it!”, I replied. The front is a bit gorey…the back, however…so clever!

Well, well, well, look who came to visit this week. It’s Boo…and his lovely girlfriend, Bev. These two lovebugs arrived early this week and let me tell you, I’ve not been able to separate them since they got here. They’ve been very polite and quiet guests, but I guess it’s because they are so ‘into’ each other that they don’t require much attention or entertainment. When they arrived they were clinging to each other for dear life.


Boo explained that Bev was a little frightened because she had never traveled before and she was a bit unsure of what was in store. I assured them that there was nothing to fear here…except maybe the dogs…


Who are always excited to see who’s visiting.

I explained to both of them that they probably shouldn’t draw attention to themselves like they were – by hanging on my chandelier – because the dogs would be even more interested.


I went to work and they decided that they would prefer to stay home and rough it by themselves. When I returned from work at lunch time I couldn’t find them anywhere. The last place I looked…in my bedroom…was where they were! All snuggled in bed together. Hmmmmm.


Just look at Bev all puckered and ready to smooch!


I didn’t think it was a good idea for them to lie in bed all day, especially unsupervised. I wasn’t ready for any monkey business!

They found plenty of things to do for the remainder of the day. They made monkey bars out of my headboard.


And climbed up and down and around on the railings.


Played on the computer.


Until I realized what they were looking at:


Naughty monkeys! I think the lovebirds are ready to head out to their next destination – Trisha’s. After all, how much lovey-dovey-monkey-business can a host expect to take? Sheesh.


I love this…just had to share it…

Philip the Flamingo has graced our presence for the past few days. He’s visiting all the way from Joy’s in Minnesota. Fortunately, the temps have warmed up this week and we were able to get out and do some sight-seeing and have a bit of a history lesson. We headed down to the lake and Philip got to pose with the Sea Lion – a replica of a late 16th Century British sailing ship.


Next, posing with the Lighthouse – which was the first public building in the United States to be illuminated by natural gas.


Philip looking over the harbor…


We then headed to the beach where Philip felt right at home.


He wanted to wade in the water but it was frigid!

Then, on to the Welch building – as in Welch’s Grape Juice. Yes, the company started in this very town.


Next stop, the old train station where Abraham Lincoln stopped on his1861 inaugural train to meet Grace Bedell, the little girl who convinced him to grow a beard. She lived in this town!


Philip wanted to stop and look at the trains…


And I had NO idea what he had in mind next. I didn’t even see that he was carrying spray paint. He must have hidden it under all those feathers!



He was quite proud of himself. He’s a very talented artist. Who knew? I really couldn’t yell at him since he was our guest – plus he argued that there was already graffiti on the trains so it wouldn’t hurt to add more. And, as a fellow artist, I was not about to bash his artistic integrity.

I think Philip had a good time, even though he probably got far too much local history edumacation for his liking. He’s off to Trisha’s next…and I do believe it will be a full house!