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Does anyone have a phone book I could borrow?


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My scrumptious new brown wall

I have nothing to write about. Not because my brain is empty (some would argue that point) but because I’ve been lying flat on my back for the past four days, staring at the ceiling. I managed to pull a muscle in my back again, and here I lie…getting bed sores and all. I’ll spare you the woeful details and myriads of complaints that have already been heard by my friends and family –  who have been so gracious as to bring me food, chauffeur my daughter around, walk my dogs and call every day to check on me.

The only bonuses about being laid up – I can read…read, read, read. I’m ravenously devouring the ‘Twilight’ series (ha. no vampire pun intended)…only 2 more books to go…if they’d just get here. Frickin’ Amazon and their “speedy” 3 day delivery…yeah, not so much. Luckily, my bookshelf is stocked with tons of new reads that I’ve been saving for just such an occasion.  The other bonus? I can lie here and look at my newly painted yummy, brown walls. Yippee for the poor, lame girl.

Oh, yes, I do have one thing to write about. I got myself a new job. Not a full-time job, mind you, just a part-time, little extra cash kinda job. It’s at a local museum. Right up my genealogical-archival-local-history-buff alley. Right now my official title is “Office Manager” The office hasn’t been touched in about two years. Yes, it’s a mangled mess. My little office is in the same room as the research library so there isn’t much room to move around..especially with the thousands upon thousands of files that have been left piled on the floor, desks, wherever there’s an empty spot. The first few months are going to involve a great deal of sorting and trying to figure out where everything should go. Even the research books are out of order. Gotta love those folks who haven’t quite grasped the Dewey Decimal System. I love to organize (except when it involves my own home) and I love local history…did I mention I used to be the Historian at our local library? I’m very excited about this new venture and the Board has even hinted that they may want me to progress into a more permanent position. Now, if I could only get out of this stinkin’ bed and go to work!

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abstract.jpgmyfuckingbrokenheart (seg 2008)

Now that I’m officially unemployed I thought I’d better find something better to do with my time other than making voodoo dolls. Sooooooo, I’ve been honing my MS Paint skillz. I think I may have found a new hobby and I’m pretty sure it’s going to take up all of my time so I may NEVER be able to go back to work.

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The girl and I decided to get our hairs done yesterday…she got most of her locks lopped off and is sporting a stylish new ‘do’ while I chose to go with a new funkified look and had several (three, to be exact) colors put in my locks. I thought you might enjoy my own rendering of my stylish (before & after) look. Yeah, I’m bored, what can I say? Just frickin’ bear with me, m’kay?


The before pic is a rendering of my unruly curls the day prior (when I decided to stay in my pj’s all day and lounge around = messy hair). The after pic – well, that’s self explanatory. And to further demonstrate the loveliness in my locks I took some photos, behold:


Did I go a bit too far? Naw! The above photo does not do the colors justice. No, that’s not orange – it’s caramel! It’s like a frickin’ party in my hair. Heh, there’s a party in my coif…wanna come?

The stylist told me it gave my hair dimension. Yeah…I got’s me some DIMENSION now bitches! Fortunately, due to the inherent curliness of my hair the colors don’t look as terribly garish as they appear in the photos. The colors meld nicely together amongst the curls…see:


And that’s all I’ve got today kids…

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