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I haven’t been around the blogosphere much as of late, but for good reason. The first reason: I’ve had my kitchen remodeled. It took a long seven weeks, including several days without a sink but it is finally done and I am slowly getting things back in order. Here are some pics to prove that my house has been in upheaval (sorry Facebookers – you’ve already seen these pics):





Such an improvement! I had so much wasted space prior to the remodel. I did, however, loose the space for a kitchen table but I gained all this new counter space.





Not a terribly drastic change, just removed the cupboard doors, added crown molding, new counter tops, back splash and cabinet hardware.






Right, so, you get the idea. Phew. Glad that’s over. The second reason I’ve been absent: I bought a Shark steam mop and every spare second of free time I have is spent steam mopping my floors. Yeah, because my life is THAT exciting. Actually, the second reason is because I’ve been invited to participate in the area’s largest arts/crafts show this summer. Eek. Which means I’ve been crafting my ass off and barely have time to eat or sleep. I’ve been sitting at my sewing machine whipping out items whenever I have a spare moment. And, unfortunately, I can no longer see my nice, new counter tops because they are covered in crafting supplies. I’ve only got a little over 2 months to prepare for this show so I’m a bit tense…and am starting to hold my breath a bit too much and have almost forgotten how to breath. Eek. Ok, back to work for me. I’ll keep you posted on the crafting progress.

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…pair of garage doors! WooooooHoooo! Aren’t they loverly? I love the way the barn-door-type doors look and I’ve always wanted them…so, my Daddy made them for me. I’m very pleased with them and now E can even get into the garage by herself.

This is what the door used to look like:

BLECH! It was an old, rickety overhead door – and it was broken. The cables had snapped and it took all my strength just to open it.

And in other news, E decided she no longer wanted a pink room. Boo hoo. I loved her pink room – it was so girly cutesy. She insisted we paint it blue. It is a pretty blue – kinda blinding, though. She also insisted that I get rid of all her baby pictures in her room. Her exact words, “You need to remove all of those ridiculous baby pictures of me. It’s embarrassing when my friends come over and see them.” Another boo hoo, from me. She was such a CUTE baby:

Where has my baby gone??

The before – PINK room:

The during – PINK to BLUE room:

The after – BLUE room

I bought some really cool fabric to make new curtains because she also insisted we remove the shutters and the pink gingham shades. So, I whipped up some curtains…

Painted the valance white and voila…

Not too shabby, eh?

We got rid of her full bed and Grandma & Grandpa bought her a lovely daybed with trundle (so she can have her friends sleep over)

I assembled the bed all by my little self and then we went hunting for a cute comfoter set. Surprisingly, we found one right away. It matches the walls and the curtains perfectly. What luck!  She is thrilled with her new room and stays up there for hours – which is good because she still has a ton of sorting and cleaning to do.

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Seeing as this is a holiday weekend and I’m not going to be around to delight you with my usual wit and charm, I thought I’d take advantage of the opportunity to shamelessly plug my website and online shop. If you’re so inclined, feel free to check these out. No pressure…the links are always on my sidebar.



Wishing everyone in my blog-o-family a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

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