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I have been getting painting job after painting job after painting job. I can’t complain because this is what I wanted. I’m making far more cash than I ever did at my restaurant. Go figure. But, what I didn’t want, however, was to be injured on the job. It appears that on this last job – which consisted of priming and painting a gazillion miles of oak trim – I somehow managed to contort and twist in such a manner that I pulled the muscles in my lower back. I didn’t notice it right away, but as soon as I was finished with the job and could relax, that’s when the pain set in. Not only do I have some nasty bruises on my knees from crawling around on them all week (wish I could blame it on my night job – you know…the one where I’m a porn star?) but now I have to contend with a bad back. Shit, just add me to the list of walking wounded.

My next job starts Tuesday so I need to doctor myself this weekend and make sure I’m on the mend. So….there will be no cooking, no cleaning, no doing laundry, no washing dishes, no gardening, no walking the dogs, no nothing this weekend. I’m going to lay flat on my back, computer on my lap, books and magazines and tv remote at my side (GASP…I haven’t watched tv in about a month). And it looks like I will have to forego the diet this weekend as we will be ordering out. Mmmm…pizza. I can’t wait. It’s all good, though. I’ve dropped 10 lbs. thus far, yipee-tie-yie-yay! Now, if I could only find someone to go and grab me a triple shot latte I’d be all set. Can’t one of you fantastic souls out there in blogland figure out some way to get a fine coffee drink to my door? Thanks, I’d appreciate it very much-ly!

Oh…and I mustn’t forget – Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothas out there!

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