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I wish I were a dog! This is how my boys spent New Year’s Eve. If we could all be so lucky.


Gus’s New Year’s Resolutions:

– I will never jump through the front window to chase a squirrel again

– I will try and keep my tongue off the kitchen counter

– I will try to keep my sock consumption to only one per week, and I will try to not vomit all over Mom’s bedroom floor after eating one

– I will not try and eat the pillows on the couch like they were big marshmallows

Ridley’s News Year’s Resolutions:

– I will try to stop barking incessantly

– I will stop eating my own poop

– I will stop waking Mom up first thing in the morning by taking a flying leap over the end of her bed and landing on her chest

– I will stop herding and nipping at people who visit our home

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Well, I didn’t get any of the things from my drunken wish list that I posted last night, go figure. But woooo….Santa got my child a PS2. Sorry folks, I think I may just be too busy honing my vocal prowess on SingStar for the next few days to post anything. Maybe The Leaky Brain will even let me sing a duet with her next Christmas.

Damn, just one more thing to keep my ass plastered to the couch. Better run out and buy Dance Dance Revolution tomorrow so we can work off some of this idleness. Hmmm, I wonder which of us will enjoy this gift more???

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