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I NEVER ever, ever make New Year’s resolutions but I’ve been tagged by Mercedes with this meme – a list of seven New Year’s resolutions you are not going to do in 2008:

1. I will NOT date anyone 12 years my junior. (okay, I’ll even go to 10 years my junior, how about that?).

2. I will NOT drink and drink and drink in hopes that I will become numb and forget.

3. I will NOT buy another purse until I wear out the 20 that I already have.

4. I will NOT constantly check my email, blogs, myspace, social networking sites, etc…in other words, I will NOT spend all day on the computer.

5. I will NOT change for ANYONE.

6. I will NOT scream and yell and swear as much as I did last year.

7. I will NOT forget to take vacations.

Tag! Your it!

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I wish I were a dog! This is how my boys spent New Year’s Eve. If we could all be so lucky.


Gus’s New Year’s Resolutions:

– I will never jump through the front window to chase a squirrel again

– I will try and keep my tongue off the kitchen counter

– I will try to keep my sock consumption to only one per week, and I will try to not vomit all over Mom’s bedroom floor after eating one

– I will not try and eat the pillows on the couch like they were big marshmallows

Ridley’s News Year’s Resolutions:

– I will try to stop barking incessantly

– I will stop eating my own poop

– I will stop waking Mom up first thing in the morning by taking a flying leap over the end of her bed and landing on her chest

– I will stop herding and nipping at people who visit our home

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