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Coffee Lover

the boy…he loves coffee…he’s a sly one…


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Does anyone have a phone book I could borrow?


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Spring, glorious Spring! It’s finally here and I have spent the last few days outside. I even got all the patio furniture out and had coffee on the deck this morning…it was 75 degrees at 7:30 a.m. Unheard of around here. I can’t remember ever getting to sit on the deck this early in the year. Woo hoo! I love it. I love the blue skies…


and the flowers. Ahhhhh!

Even the moss looks lush after all the winter drab…


E wanted to know why I was on my knees taking a picture at the base of the tree. I said, “E, look at all this GREEN!”

The dogs are loving the sunshine.



Now, if I could just get Ridley to stop barking at the new neighbor’s dog and cat. He spends hours just sitting and waiting for a peek at them.

The fresh air makes everyone tired.



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E and the dogs were playing with her friends in the backyard and one of the kids inadvertently left the gate open. Uh oh. We know what happened next. The dogs escaped and started running around the neighborhood. Fortunately, the kids were quick and snagged the pooches before they got too far. After the incident, E emailed my sister (her aunt) and my sis shared the email with me:

“When I saw the gate was open, I started to shake. I knew Gus would run and run and wouldn’t come back. I knew Ridley would come back to the sound of mom’s voice, because to Ridley, hearing my mom’s voice was like the voice of a sweet angel calling to him!”

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Zucchini Fetch

Ridley has become obsessive about playing fetch. In fact, he insists that I play fetch with anything…including a zucchini. Yep. A zucchini.

Psycho dog howling at me so I'll throw the zucchini...

Fetch a little, nibble a little. What could be better...playing and eating at the same time?

Running with zucchini fetch in mouth

Almost gone…

Gus decides he wants to play, but he won’t fetch. Darn Labrador RETRIEVER. He watches, barks fiercely as I throw it and acts like he’s going to run after it. But no, he doesn’t move an inch, he just stands there and watches it land. Silly dog. This is how I spent my Saturday…playing zucchini fetch. Well, until the zucchini was fully eaten, anyway.

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