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Coffee Lover

the boy…he loves coffee…he’s a sly one…



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Does anyone have a phone book I could borrow?


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Spring, glorious Spring! It’s finally here and I have spent the last few days outside. I even got all the patio furniture out and had coffee on the deck this morning…it was 75 degrees at 7:30 a.m. Unheard of around here. I can’t remember ever getting to sit on the deck this early in the year. Woo hoo! I love it. I love the blue skies…


and the flowers. Ahhhhh!

Even the moss looks lush after all the winter drab…


E wanted to know why I was on my knees taking a picture at the base of the tree. I said, “E, look at all this GREEN!”

The dogs are loving the sunshine.



Now, if I could just get Ridley to stop barking at the new neighbor’s dog and cat. He spends hours just sitting and waiting for a peek at them.

The fresh air makes everyone tired.



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E and the dogs were playing with her friends in the backyard and one of the kids inadvertently left the gate open. Uh oh. We know what happened next. The dogs escaped and started running around the neighborhood. Fortunately, the kids were quick and snagged the pooches before they got too far. After the incident, E emailed my sister (her aunt) and my sis shared the email with me:

“When I saw the gate was open, I started to shake. I knew Gus would run and run and wouldn’t come back. I knew Ridley would come back to the sound of mom’s voice, because to Ridley, hearing my mom’s voice was like the voice of a sweet angel calling to him!”

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Zucchini Fetch

Ridley has become obsessive about playing fetch. In fact, he insists that I play fetch with anything…including a zucchini. Yep. A zucchini.

Psycho dog howling at me so I'll throw the zucchini...

Fetch a little, nibble a little. What could be better...playing and eating at the same time?

Running with zucchini fetch in mouth

Almost gone…

Gus decides he wants to play, but he won’t fetch. Darn Labrador RETRIEVER. He watches, barks fiercely as I throw it and acts like he’s going to run after it. But no, he doesn’t move an inch, he just stands there and watches it land. Silly dog. This is how I spent my Saturday…playing zucchini fetch. Well, until the zucchini was fully eaten, anyway.

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…than a basket of puppies? Absolutely NOTHING!

Five of the fluffiest, cutest, whiniest little creatures I’ve ever seen. Ohhh, puppers, puppers, puppers (that’s what I lovingly call them). I couldn’t keep my hands off of them. This is definitely my weakness. Puppies. Must.Acquire.More.Puppies.

My friend breeds Shelties and this is her latest litter. All are spoken for except for two girls. She just HAD to bring them to show me…and now I want one. Wouldn’t you?

Just look at those faces. Oh, my. I just wanted to bring them all home.

And this guy, what a ham! He’s the biggest of the pups…a strapping 5 lbs, and he’s only 7 weeks old (his mom only weighs 19 lbs.). He wouldn’t sit still so I HAD to hold him, and kiss him, and love him…and when he was bad I stroked his fur the wrong way.

That was my puppy fix for the week. I hope it gets me by. Oh boy. Like I need ONE more animal in my house. Oy. Must go find something to do so I don’t think of puppies…

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I know you’re all dying to know how I’m handling the moth situation at my house. So, I’ve decided to share some pics of the moth traps. Warning: this is not for the faint of heart. Honestly, I don’t know where the hell these moths have been hiding out. It was bad enough that I had at least a dozen moths flocking to the trap when I first put it out. BUT…it seems that they are literally multiplying over night. This is the trap after one week.



Oh, but wait, that’s not all. They’re on the top of the trap, as well. Take a gander:

Double Gag

Double Gag

Gross, gross, gross (sorry, honey, now you’re never gonna want to step foot in my house, are you?). I put another trap out tonight because as I walked into the kitchen I had to flap my hands about my face so as not to get hit head on with the cloud of moths that were circling. My guess is that not ALL of the larvae were creeping and crawling around in the foodstuff but found another location to inhabit and they are now devoping into these moths that are swarming my kitchen at night. All of my cupboards are bare and all cereal/flour/rice/grain, etc is being stored in the fridge so I know they certainly don’t have any foodstuff to sustain them. I pulled this off a site on the interwebs:

When ready to pupate, larvae leave their tubes to spin a cocoon. They often migrate a considerable distance from their food source while searching for a pupation site, and are found on walls, countertops, and ceilings. This is especially true when infestations are heavy. There can be four to nine generations per year, depending on the food supply and house temperature.

Great. Fantasitc. I think I’m going to barf. This morning I am now taking the ShopVac to the ceilings, walls and any crevice I can find..and will suck those mofo’s out.

And since I’ve already grossed you out considerably, I thought I may as well share some more fun pics with you. Living with a child, two dogs and a cat can get pretty messy.

First, I shall start with the massive quantities of hair that come from the aforementioned animals (except for the cat, which I cannot catch and hold on to long enough to brush). Now, I love my dogs dearly but if I had THOUGHT about how much hair a Lab would put out, eek. I probably would have thought twice about getting one. They shed so badly that a daily vacuuming (sometimes two) are necessary. I brush the dogs every single day and this is what I get:

Umm, yeah. I was thinking that if I saved up enough fur I could maybe spin some yarn out of it and then knit a sweater. How cool would that be if I were to wear my own dogs’ coats. Bleck.

It looks like a small animal and sometimes Ridley is puzzled and thinks it’s some strange creature. Funny, you’d think he’d recognize the smell of his own fur. He’s obviously brilliant.

Ridley’s puzzlement even gets Gus interested

So, times that fur by 3 and that’s about how much I sweep from my floors each day. Would anyone like to volunteer to be my maid? I’ve been seriously thinking about investing in one of those new fangled Roombas. If anyone has had any experience with one…please let me know if it’s worth the investment, because I, sure as hell, am tired of busting my arse vacuuming multiple times a day.

On to the next adventure. Boy, you never know what you’ll get in my little world. The cat, who spends most of his days outside, likes to kill small creatures and drop them in the back yard. Usually he kills moles and mice. Ridley loves to go outside first thing in the morning and see what prize his cat-brother has left for him in the yard. He then puts it in his mouth and throws it around a few times until I decide I’ve seen enough mouse juggling and whisk it off into the bushes. Today the cat left a poor little finch for us.

Unbeknownst to me, Ridley grabbed the carcass first thing this morning and I didn’t see it until it was already IN the house and IN his crate. I couldn’t figure out why he was playing so contentedly in his crate. Upon further inspection I found the bird and promptly grabbed it, took it outside and took it’s photo. Poor mauled, dog-spit covered, dead creature.

There you have it…morose Monday. Oooo. I think I may have a new theme day. Woo hoo.

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