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…pair of garage doors! WooooooHoooo! Aren’t they loverly? I love the way the barn-door-type doors look and I’ve always wanted them…so, my Daddy made them for me. I’m very pleased with them and now E can even get into the garage by herself.

This is what the door used to look like:

BLECH! It was an old, rickety overhead door – and it was broken. The cables had snapped and it took all my strength just to open it.

And in other news, E decided she no longer wanted a pink room. Boo hoo. I loved her pink room – it was so girly cutesy. She insisted we paint it blue. It is a pretty blue – kinda blinding, though. She also insisted that I get rid of all her baby pictures in her room. Her exact words, “You need to remove all of those ridiculous baby pictures of me. It’s embarrassing when my friends come over and see them.” Another boo hoo, from me. She was such a CUTE baby:

Where has my baby gone??

The before – PINK room:

The during – PINK to BLUE room:

The after – BLUE room

I bought some really cool fabric to make new curtains because she also insisted we remove the shutters and the pink gingham shades. So, I whipped up some curtains…

Painted the valance white and voila…

Not too shabby, eh?

We got rid of her full bed and Grandma & Grandpa bought her a lovely daybed with trundle (so she can have her friends sleep over)

I assembled the bed all by my little self and then we went hunting for a cute comfoter set. Surprisingly, we found one right away. It matches the walls and the curtains perfectly. What luck!  She is thrilled with her new room and stays up there for hours – which is good because she still has a ton of sorting and cleaning to do.

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Knitting Fool

Oooo, me little fingers have been busy. I managed to knit three scarves a few weekends ago. I’ve slowed down since and I’m taking my time working on just one. But, I wanted to whip out several scarves quickly to put in the local art gallery as the owner asked me specifically if I had any hand knit items. YAY! Hopefully, this = more income.

While I was out shopping I happened to stop by a craft store…and…bought more yarn. Eek. What was I thinking? I’ve already got a TON of yarn. If I’m in a craft shop there is no stopping me from checking out the the yarn isle. Plus, I found some great deals on some really funky, pretty yarns. Of course, I ended up loading up my cart and spending about $60. Oh well, hopefully I’ll make all that $$ back with the sale of two scarves.

Pretty, pretty yarn:

I made two pink (one with hints of brown, the other with multi-colored mohair yarn). Have a look-see:

2LD modeling pink/multi scarf

2LD modeling pink/multi scarf

Oh, look, you can see my armpit. How nice.

Again, pink/multi scarf

Again, pink/multi scarf

It really is a loverly scarf..and soooo soft. Damn. I want to keep this one. That’s the hard part of knitting – I don’t want to part with some of the creations.

2LD modeling pink/brown scarf

2LD modeling pink/brown scarf

And this combo = scarf below...

This green/purple/multi scarf is stunning, if I do say so myself. But, I’m still fond of the blue scarf and haven’t yet come to terms with selling it.

It's mine, it's mine. I want to keep this one!

It's mine, its' mine. I want to keep this one!

Ha! I guess it's mine now that I've rubbed my nose in it.

Ha! I guess it's mine now - seeing as I've shoved my nose in it.

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Picture This!

Here’s a fun little photo meme I swiped a while back from Pammy Girl and Nandandgo. Sorry ladies, I’m a thief, it’s true.

It’s pretty straightforward. You are to go around your house with the following list and take pictures AS IS (no cleaning aloud ’cause that’s called CHEATING). Luckily, I had recently (recent, as in this summer) cleaned and I wasn’t required to take a photo of the dining room – because the dining room table is the catch-all and is COMPLETELY covered with junk. Sometimes I forget I even have a dining room table since I can’t see it.

I’m pretty sure you were just supposed to post one pic per room but, oh well, I took a bunch of photos ’cause I like to show ‘n tell.

Living Room

My living room is HUGE so I had to take three pictures for you to get the ‘full effect’. Unfortunately, the dog crates take up almost half of the freakin’ room.

Laundry Room

Pretty basic. Washer. Dryer. Shelves.

Kitchen sink


You really want to see my entire kitchen, don’t you???

This is my favorite part of my kitchen…my espresso machine. Oooooo, ahhhhh…


Arrgggghhhh. Just looking at it makes me hyper ventilate. This is the ONLY real closet in the house. My house was built in 1910…apparently, before the invention of closets. None of the bedrooms had closets so we built little closet-like cubbies in the corners for extra storage.

This is the cubbie in my bedroom; it holds all the bed linens (the top shelf is completely crammed full of pillow cases – I have a habit of collecting them):


My bathroom is teeny tiny…the toilet is hiding around the left corner. I could only back up so far – it was hard for me to get an entire shot of the ‘twoilet’. Heck, you’ve see one toilet, you’ve seen ’em all. *Notice the lovely blue wallpaper that I hung myself. Love, love, love it…even though it was a shitty, cheap paper and I ended up hanging it not once, not twice, but three times (the third time using super glue). Nothing like spending an evening hanging wallpaper, walking into that room the next morning and seeing all the paper curling off the walls. Grrrrr.


Yeah, I know. Crammed full of stuff. Remember…I’m keeping EVERYTHING from my cupboards in the fridge to keep all those nasty moths away.


This is just a sampling. These are the shoes I throw into one of the many cubbies. Many of these shoes don’t even see the light of day. I wear them once or twice and throw them back into the pile.

And here are the shoes that I wear the most. They get a prestigious spot on the porch floor. Lucky shoes.

The Kids

Human kid

Canine Kids

Feline Kid

Self Portrait

This is me, first thing in the morning. Bwhahahaha! NOT. Don’t be silly, first thing in the morning I need a coffee IV. This is me at the end of an exhausting day. Beer was definitely needed.

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We’ve had a busy week here in the hood; friends visiting from Florida, girls night out, circus came to town, hanging out at the beach, got a new purse. And here are some pictures to prove it:

First, some pics of the girls night out, well…of the drinks and the scenery seeing as no one would give me permission to show their face.

My beer with sister in the background taking photo…

The view of the lake from the deck we were sitting on:

Kate feeding the zebra some beer. We almost got kicked out for molesting that zebra. It was too irresistible to ignore. And we didn’t see any signs indicating that we weren’t to feed or touch said zebra. Who the hell puts a blow up zebra at a bar and expects it NOT to be played with?

And then the circus came to town! Yes, a real, live circus. I have, honestly, never been to a circus in a real circus tent, so this was a first for me. I was a bit Ieary about being in a tent with tigers and elephants and was quite sure one of the elephants would stampede but there were no mishaps. The kids had a blast and E even got to ride a camel.

Entering the big top:

E in front of one of the concession stands (gee mom, make me look into the sun, why don’tcha?)

An el ee fant

E & E riding the camel

Camel face

I was bummed, though, there wasn’t a funnel cake in sight. WTF?

One evening we took the kids to the beach, started a fire, made some s’mores, and had some beer (the adults only, of course, because what goes better with s’mores than beer? Gag).

Kate’s foot, my foot

They made me sit on the log with the protrusion. Yeeeeouch!

And because we’re all conscious about safety…

We paid close attention to the directive on the blanket.

The girls playing with glow sticks in the dark

Oh yes, and I mustn’t forget – I got a new purse; pink, of course

Whew. It was a very busy week. I’m tired. I’m going to go take a nap.

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Continuing on with the randomness that is my life, I’ve decided to share some photos that are near and dear to my heart. Here is my beach:

Well, it’s technically not “my” beach…but I like to think of it that way…just as I like to think of myself as King of the Mountain. Heh. Isn’t it loverly? I enjoy it immensely. And cannot (I repeat, cannot) wait until I can walk along this beach hand and hand with the one I love. *sigh* (wait, are those lyrics from a song? If not, they should be…gag)

These are my faves. I took them for my dearest, darling Dead Charming

And some more shots of the beach and the lighthouse (yes! a lighthouse) As a matter of fact, this lighthouse is the very first public building in the United States to be illuminated with natural gas (how about that, a little history lesson thrown in there for you). First, the harbor:

And the lighthouse:

The clouds were magnificent on this day so I had to include a few pictures:

The dogs got to do their favorite thing today (well, Gus’s favorite thing, Ridley’s not too sure about it):

Look at how happy that Gus boy is. He’s smiling! Ridley looks traumatized and just wants to get the hell out. Unfortunately, I missed getting the shot of Ridley panicking and trying to climb up the side of the dock. We had to yank him out of the water, poor thing. I think he just has too much fur and it weighs him down when he’s wet. But, he has webbed feet…he should like to swim, dammit. I also didn’t manage to get a shot of him trying to climb on his brother’s back while swimming. Poor Gus probably feels like one of those kids at the community pool who everyone clings to because they’re a better swimmer. I was sure I was going to have to do some doggie resuscitation, but everyone made it out okay. Phew.


That’s it for today, kids. I’ll be back with more in a bit.

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