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It seems that most of you didn’t want to play with me on this one. Poo on you (just kidding…my musical tastes are, apparently, a bit ‘all over the place’ so I don’t blame you for not guessing) Here are the answers:

1. Barenaked Ladies, “Life in a Nutshell”

2. Modest Mouse, “Float On”

3. Blue Rodeo, “Rain Down on Me”

4. Depeche Mode, “Blasphemous Rumors”

5. Duran Duran, “Girls on Film”

6. Garbage, “Stupid Girl”

7. Bryan Ferry, “Oh Yeah”

8. R.E.M., “Letter Never Sent”

9. Beck, “Beercan”

10. Wilco, “Pot Kettle Black”

11. Crowded House, “How Will You Go”

12. Eve 6, “Inside Out”

13. David Bowie, “Fashion”

14. James, “Sit Down”

15. George Michael, “Too Funky”

16. Cake, “Short Skirt/Long Jacket”

17. Ben Folds, “Rockin’ the Suburbs”

18. Flaming Lips, “The Wand”

19. Adam Ant, “Desperate Not Serious”

20. Our Lady Peace, “Clumsy”

Oooo…don’t you just want to bonk yourself in the head for not guessing those??? I thought so.

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It’s time for yet another meme. I snagged this one from Taoist Biker. Sorry, I’m a thief, we all know that by now. But he, apparently, stole it as well so I’m not feeling terribly bad about my thievery. This one’s great fun because you all get to play along. Woo hoo. The rules are as such:

1. Put your mp3 player or music player on your computer on random.
2. Post the first four lines from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song (skip repeat artists).
3. Post and let everyone you know guess (in the comments!) what song and artist the lines come from.
4. Please play fair. Don’t be a dirty rotten cheater and Google the lyrics!

I have a feeling mine are going to be pretty darn easy to guess, but who knows, maybe I’ll stump you. Good luck everyone. Have fun!

When she was three
Her Barbies always did it on the first date
Now she’s with me
There’s never any need for them to demonstrate

I backed my car into a cop car, the other day
Well he just drove off, sometimes life’s ok
I ran my mouth off a bit too much, oh what did I say
Well you just laughed it off, it was all ok

We’ve never need forgiveness
Left home at seventeen
Raised up on hate
To a life that’s second rate

Girl of sixteen, whole life ahead of her
Slashed her wrists, bored with life
Didn’t succeed, thank the Lord
For small mercies

See them walking hand in hand across the bridge at midnight
Heads turning as the lights flashing out it’s so bright
Then walk right out to the fourline track
There’s a camera rolling on her back, on her back

You pretend you’re high
You pretend you’re bored
You pretend you’re anything
Just to be adored

Some expression in your eyes
Overtook me by surprise
Where was I how was I to know’
How can we drive to a movie show

It’s been pretty simple so far, vacation in Athens is calling me
And knock, knock, knock on wood, I thought I’d left you behind
Heaven is yours, heaven is yours, heaven’s yours where I live
The thought of the catacombs left my soul at home

Alcohol on my hands, I got plans to ditch myself and get outside
Dancing women throwing plates, decapitating their laughing dates
Swirling chickens caught in flight, out of focus and much to bright
Coming down, shiny teeth, game show suckers trying to breathe

Crazy rides rockets
Who has a magic wand
Empty out your pockets
Words without a song

Escape is on your mind again
Escape to a far away land
At times it seems there is no end
To long hard nights of drinking

I would swallow my pride,
I would choke on the rinds,
but the lack thereof would leave me empty inside,
swallow my doubt

There’s a brand new dance but I don’t know its name
That people from bad homes do again and again
Its big and its bland full of tension and fear
They do it over there but we don’t do it here

I sing myself to sleep
A song from the darkest hour
Secrets I can’t keep
Inside of the day

Hey, you’re just too funky for me,
I gotta get inside of you,
And I’ll show you heaven if you let me.
Hey you just too funky for me,

I want a girl with a mind like a diamond
I want a girl who knows what’s best
I want a girl with shoes that cut
And eyes that burn like cigarettes

Let me tell ya’ll what it’s like
Being male, middle class and white
It’s a bitch, if you don’t believe
Listen up to my new cd

(You’ve got the power in there)
(Waving your wand in the air)
Time after time those fanatical minds
Try to rule all the world

If I ask you difficult questions
If I make improper suggestions
Would you find that a risk to your health
Would you put me up on the bookself

Throw away the radio
Suitcase…Keeps you awake
Hide the telephone, the telephone
Telephone in case…You realize that…

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La Meme

Yep, you got it, another meme…because my brain is too shot from all the fireworks and noise yesterday to write anything profound. Ready, set, go…

1. Last movie you saw in a theater? Mim‘s Island, and yes, I cried.

2. What book are you reading? “The History of Love” – Nicole Krauss; “How to Practice the Way to a Meaningful Life” – Dalai Lama; and several others that I started, put down, and haven’t picked up in a while because I’m too busy blogging…shame on me!

3. Favorite board game? Scrabble, but I haven’t actually played board scrabble in a long while…I play it on satellite now, ‘cause I’m all technical and stuff.

4. Favorite magazine(s)? Country Living…because I’m a country gal; Bon Appetite…because I can never have TOO many recipes/ideas.

5. Favorite smells? Lavender, lavender, lavender…oh, and crayons, and lilacs, and Yankee Candle balsam & cedar.

6. Favorite sounds? Waves at the beach, pouring rain. (Get that water theme?)

7. Worst feeling in the world? Out of control anger/rage

8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up? Oh, that’s easy, the one who has my heart… my Charming Prince…*blushes*

9. Favorite fast food place? Don’t really eat fast food, but if I had to choose I’d say McD’s – for their Asian Chicken Salad and their fries. But I’m partial to Burger King’s Whoppers – which I haven’t had in about 8 months…mmmm, now I’m hungry.

10. Future child’s name? If there is another…Charlotte or Alexander or Hannah or Maxwell (pretty decisive, aren’t I? Heh)

11. Finish this statement. “If I had a lot of money I’d….? remodel my kitchen, or better yet, buy a brand new house with a huge kitchen (and a library *wink*), buy myself a brand spankin’ new Honda CRV, take a fab vacation to Europe with my love.

12. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Not anymore. *blushes* I gave up teddy a few years ago. But I do like to have my arms around something…so it’s either one of the dogs or DC…

13. Storms – cool or scary? Cool

14. Favorite juice? Cranberry

15. Finish this statement, “If I had the spare time I would….”? Clean my house. Ha!

16. Do you eat the stems on broccoli? Of course!

17. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice? Um…I’ve got three colors in there now…and have tried many throughout the years – blond, dark brown, red. I think I’d stick with reddish/brown.

18. Name all the different cities/towns you’ve lived in? Only two…quite boring, really

19. Favorite sports to watch? Don’t really watch sports…but live baseball is my fave

20. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you? Ha…no one sent it…I stole it… from Red, I think…so I’ll use her – she awesomely honest and she’s got spunk, how could you NOT love her?

21. What’s under your bed? Lots o’ dust bunnies, and boxes full of linens.

22. Would you like to be born as yourself again? Yes, if I could come back knowing what I know now.

23. Morning person, or night owl? Definitely a night owl. Me + morning = grrrrrrrr.

24. Over easy or sunny side up? Over easy, baby.

25. Favorite place to relax? The beach or my deck.

26. Favorite pie? Red raspberry…or blueberry.

27. Favorite ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip.

28. Of all the people you tagged this to, who’s most likely to respond first? No tagging going on here…as always, take it if you like!

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