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Feisty Friday


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Philip the Flamingo has graced our presence for the past few days. He’s visiting all the way from Joy’s in Minnesota. Fortunately, the temps have warmed up this week and we were able to get out and do some sight-seeing and have a bit of a history lesson. We headed down to the lake and Philip got to pose with the Sea Lion – a replica of a late 16th Century British sailing ship.


Next, posing with the Lighthouse – which was the first public building in the United States to be illuminated by natural gas.


Philip looking over the harbor…


We then headed to the beach where Philip felt right at home.


He wanted to wade in the water but it was frigid!

Then, on to the Welch building – as in Welch’s Grape Juice. Yes, the company started in this very town.


Next stop, the old train station where Abraham Lincoln stopped on his1861 inaugural train to meet Grace Bedell, the little girl who convinced him to grow a beard. She lived in this town!


Philip wanted to stop and look at the trains…


And I had NO idea what he had in mind next. I didn’t even see that he was carrying spray paint. He must have hidden it under all those feathers!



He was quite proud of himself. He’s a very talented artist. Who knew? I really couldn’t yell at him since he was our guest – plus he argued that there was already graffiti on the trains so it wouldn’t hurt to add more. And, as a fellow artist, I was not about to bash his artistic integrity.

I think Philip had a good time, even though he probably got far too much local history edumacation for his liking. He’s off to Trisha’s next…and I do believe it will be a full house!

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I’m not a big fan of the whole LOLCat phenomenon or the fact that it promotes poor grammar. I will admit that once in a while I stumble upon one that makes me laugh…but then I stumbled across this and laughed so hard my sides were aching:

LOLDinos, anyone? Maybe it’s funny because I’m picturing the massive dino turd that this animal would release from its bowels onto the poor, unsuspecting vehicle. Hmmmm…?

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