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Sorry, I just had to update on my post from the other day regarding search terms used to get to this blog. It seems that my bitching and moaning paid off a bit. Today these are two of the most popular searches that led people here:

• this crazy chick that writes two lazy dogs (sweet, now I’m a crazy chick)

• when did hell begin (hmmm…I’m not sure, but I don’t think you’re going to find the answer here)

crazy chick, signing out!

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In my never-ending quest for useless and odd information I decided to take a look see at what search terms folks are using to get to this here blog and this is what I found (to my dismay):

• cyst in kidney
• dog + sweet tarts (wtf?)
• Wow words
• lazy stuff (What exactly is lazy stuff?)
• cysts caused by tumors
• I’m afraid to be alone I’m addicted to my… (my what…I want to know…don’t leave me hanging)
• fun quotes
• pics of cancerous tumors (ick, seriously, you want to see that people?)
• words of wisdom
• cancerous tumor in bladder polyp
• what you need to be lazy (again, with the lazy shit? Should I change my header?)
• picture of kidney polyps (ick, ick, and more ick!)
• causes of searing pains in mid torso (sucker punches, karate chops…)
• dogs wow words (whoa, does somebody actually think dogs can talk?)
• crazy dog car ride (ha! I think I just found the name for my new band)
• lazy addiction (oh yes, that’s what I want to be addicted to)
• cysts + polyps

Okay, you get the idea. How frickin’ pathetic. Not even ONE single amusing search term. Give me some ‘pirate booty’, ‘pink plastic pimpmobile’, ‘screaming meamy bitch’ search terms damn it!!

I write one stinking post on Polyps, Cysts and Tumors, Oh My! and this is what I get?? A couple ‘lazy’s’ and one ‘crazy’ thrown in and that’s it? WTF? Should I just go ahead and rename the blog IrreCYSTable?

Oh yeah…the picture…it’s a colon polyp…search and ye shall receive!


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