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Meme Thief

I’ve swiped yet another meme from Red. Yes, I’m a meme whore. And, as always, I won’t follow the directions to a “t”, nor will I tag. So…feel free to play! This one just involves listing seven songs you are ‘into’ at the moment. I’ve also borrowed Joanharvest’s idea of posting videos to go along with the songs. What fun…right? Alrighty, then…sit back, listen and enjoy (well, maybe not, depending on the type of music you like – I like a little bit o’ this and a little bit o’ dat).

U2 – “Walk On”

Garbage – “Stupid Girl”

George Michael – “Too Funky”

Beck – “Girl”

India Arie “I Am Not My Hair”

NIN – “Only”

Our Lady Peace – “Superman’s Dead”

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A video is worth a thousand words…

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