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Apparently, the long weekend brought out the freakishness in folk as you can see by the search terms that landed people here:

Anus fuck (ok, not sure where that came from…I don’t believe I have ever mentioned anus on here…hmmm…maybe the search engine droid can now read minds. Uh-oh.)

Therapy when you ain’t got no money (that would be called self-help)

Sushi whore (yes, I am)

Stupid monkey (yes, they are)

If you ain’t got the cash pay with you’re a (wondering what the ending of this line could be?)

Really serious stuff (it’s all right here, folks)

A god will suck on an egg, if a dog can (ummm…not sure what they were searching for with this one)

Hong Kong Fooey’s cat (well, first, I believe it’s spelled ‘Phooey’ – and his cat’s name is Spot…welcome)

octopussy or eels in her ass holes (what, WHAT?)

Monkey fucker (ick…who’d what to fuck a shit slinger?)

Blah, blah, blah I’m a dirty whore

Dirty rotten whore (are you sensing a pattern here?)

Rainy day strap on (how about an any day strap on?)

Do real fairies like dogs (good question, and good luck with that one)

How to slap someone brutally (you’ve come to the right place; step on up, I’ll show you)

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I’m not a big fan of the whole LOLCat phenomenon or the fact that it promotes poor grammar. I will admit that once in a while I stumble upon one that makes me laugh…but then I stumbled across this and laughed so hard my sides were aching:

LOLDinos, anyone? Maybe it’s funny because I’m picturing the massive dino turd that this animal would release from its bowels onto the poor, unsuspecting vehicle. Hmmmm…?

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Does anyone ever get these weird twitches in their fingers? I have a twitch in my thumb today and it is very disturbing. It is causing me to limit my exposure to the interwebs (who am I kidding? I’m still online…heh…I don’t think anything, short of death, would prevent me from blogging). It is, however, very annoying and I’m very tempted to start searching the net for possible causes/diagnosis – but I won’t. I’m not a hypochondriac. Really, I’m not. It’s just that this is such an annoyance for me today that I had to mention it.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal but it is affecting my typing. Egad, you say? Yep, I’m having a particular hard time with the space bar. As I rest my thumbs in their normal position on the space bar my right thumb seems to have a mind of it’s own. No matter how much I try to relax and just let it be, that thumb twitches and hits some random key, or it jerks upward like I’m the Fonz giving the “Aaay” thumbs up. It’s like it is possessed. Damn it! Make it stop.

Let’s just hope the twitch doesn’t travel. Then there will be some real trouble.

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