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After Dan at dcrblogs sabotaged Teeni’s Meez she has declared all out Avatar War. And, seeing as I’m always willing to lend a hand, I thought I’d better help Teeni out with the retaliation for the harm done to her poor, little Meez (plus, I got to have a little fun with my paint skillz). Teeni has so graciously provided an ill-eagle copy of Dan’s avatar to use as you see fit. Stop over at her place and help her in the retaliation! And, now…behold…

Raggedy Dan

Take that, Dan!! Don’t mess with my Teeni friend!

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For lack of anything better to share with you today I’m posting my “Dog eats Cat” drawing that I submitted for the Pictures of Doom Contest of Doom. And…bronsonfive selected mine as his personal favorite. Woo hoo! Go check out his fabulous and highly amusing blog, you won’t be sorry.

* no animals were harmed in the making of this picture (no worries, Teeni! 😉 ) This drawing is based on actual events – but the cat always gets away unscathed.

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I won, I won, I really won! Yes folks, you are looking at this week’s Freak of the Week!

Every week the deliciously freakish Evyl hosts a ‘Freak of the Week’ contest and this week your’s truly has won the honorable title. Please, pop over right now and check out his wonderfully evylicious site. Thanks Evyl and your freakishly fabulous panel of judges! MWAH!

Now, if only I could take the day off to bask in the celebrity. But, alas, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

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